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By purchasing/activating/downloading Digi-codes the most advance secure multi-media content delivery system you agree to provide some personal information like name, email, etc.(THIS INFO WILL NOT BE SOLD OR FORWARDED TO THIRD PARTIES, THIS INFORMATION WILL BE FORWARDED ONLY TO CREATOR, PRODUCER, OWNER, DISTRIBUTOR OF THE DIGI-CODES ONLY IF YOU CLICK "YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS". YOU ARE NOT OPENING AN ACCOUNT).

This information is used privately for technical support if needed and will not be sold. By entering your information you accept the terms and conditions regarding multi-media digital downloads and its personal use. All contents are copyrighted. All rights reserved and unauthorized duplication of this files are a violation of applicable laws. After entering the code you will be redirected to the download page, you have purchased/received the right for one download per file. After the download is complete you will be able to burn a personal use CD/DVD, upload to any personal portable multi-media player or mobile devices (i-pads, cell phones, etc.) play the files in your personal computer or install the files in your personal computer. It is important to know that you will only be able to download the files once, afterwards you will only have access to the download page for illustration and information purposes and will not be able to download files again. Digi-codes and/or any of it's affiliates are not the owners of the multi-media downloaded and they are only an instrument for it's distribution. Clients distributing multimedia through our Digi-codes rent server space for that purpose and Digi-codes have no control over the content. Other information provided during the digi-codes process is for the use of the creator, producer, owner or distributor of the Digi-codes and have agreed no to resale this information and to use it privately for database, demografic and research. All media files are copyrighted by its original owners and have been authorized to be distributed by Digi-codes. Vital Digital Global Corp (parent company), Digi-codes and all it subsidiaries are registered trademarks and the only authorized secure media distribution system via download codes according to International Intellectual Property Laws and Patents. Digi-codes is a digital distribution system with Worldwide patents pending. 2004-2012 Registered trademarks and all rights reserved. For more information visit www.vitaldigitalglobal.com or www.digi-codes.com - Vital Digital Global a Florida Corporation.